Children’s Ministry

Children are very important at the Vineyard Church of Federal Way. We believe that children are not only the future of the church but are active members of the church. While we have classes for children of every age, we also include them in every aspect of church life. They participate in worship, help in the church service, and serve side by side with adults in many other aspects of the church.


The safety of the children who come to our church is of utmost importance to us. Background checks are done before any individual can work with children. Teachers, assistants and youth workers are not allowed to be alone with a child. During the services staff members check in regularly on classes.

Vision Statement

The purpose of the Children’s Ministry is to introduce children to God’s love for them, and help them begin the journey to knowing Him personally. Sunday School is meant to be a support to parents who already know the Lord and are teaching their children about Him, and a way for children not living in Christian homes to learn about Him as well.