Scrabble & Sacred Sex

When I was about 10 years old, I was playing Scrabble with my parents and some family friends.  At one point in the game, it was my turn to place a word.  I was pleased to be able to score a lot of points with the strategic placement of the word S-E-X on the board. (As you probably know, X is worth a lot of points, especially on a triple letter or word score!)  I was surprised at my parents reaction—a mixture of embarrassed laughter and parental concern—that I had chosen such a ‘controversial’ word.  It was clear their eldest son was on the path toward being a “sexual deviant”.

Sex is one of those topics—like politics and religion—that we tend to avoid in conversation.   You just never know if something you say about sex is going to come across as offensive or inappropriate. Certainly, views on appropriate sexual behavior today range from very narrow to very broad.  It just seems best to keep one’s mouth shut on the subject.

So, why are we going to spend the next six weeks of Vineyard Sunday sermons addressing the topic of sex?  Well, it turns out the Bible has a great deal to say about this subject.  There is even one book, called ‘The Song of Solomon’, which is an intimate–and sometimes explicit–love story that speaks to the heart of all our relationships, whether they are romantic or not.

I hope you can stop by the Vineyard and join us over the next six weeks for what promises to be an interesting and quite provocative series.  It’s called ‘Sacred Sex: Lessons in Love, Intimacy and Passion from the Song of Solomon’. Whether you are young or old, single or married, I promise you will learn vital truths that will improve your life and your most important relationships. I am pretty certain, you won’t view the topic of sex the same ever again.  Unless, of course, you’re trying to win at scrabble.

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